H101 AUs with Laz and The Oscar Cat

H101 AUs with Laz and The Oscar Cat
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Laz and The Oscar Cat have infiltrated /Report and are taking over to ramble on about Alternate Universes and the fangirls who love them. Join us as we ask the age old question, just how many coffee shop AUs does any fangirl need in one lifetime? Laugh as we try and dubcon everyone into writing skateboard AUs. Roll your eyes as you realise Laz managed to blank out a whole slew of Harry Potter AUs. Swoon as you once again get to hear The Oscar Cat’s sexy East Yorks accent. All complaints and hate mail can be directed at Pru and MK. Oops! Sorry. I mean directed at us via our twitters, LJ/Dws and Tumblrs!

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Fic Recs for this week: