H104 K Pop and SHINee with Dubu and Bianse

H104 K Pop and SHINee with Dubu and Bianse
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Grab your church lady hats and pastel skinny jeans! Because the /Report is about to get fantastic elastic. This week, Dubu and B are discussing the colorful K-pop quintet that is SHINee. Join us as we ruminate over the finer points of a fandom that has brought us countless instances of gender confusion, mesmerizing bouts of pelvic thrusting, and an album with a visual concept that can be best described as “gay 70s porno”. We will do our best to answer questions such as “Why is K-pop different from Western pop?”, “How did five sparkly teenage boys bring all the noonas to the yard?”, “How can dick pics be tactfully deployed to resolve fandom wars?” and “Seriously, what the fuck is a Shawol?” (Answer: Nothing good).

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