1×12 NCIS and Misc with The Hoyden

ยท Slash Report – 30 October 2011
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Fic Recs for this episode:

Welcome back to yet another week of /reporter-y goodness with The Hoyden as a special guest. This week we talk about how our tentative quality rating on NCIS this week, discuss keeping boys as pets (what else are you going to do with them anyway?), yammer on about Sherlock, and discuss our ongoing Why Are We Even Dating You Anymore relationship with Hawaii 5-0.

Also! Don’t forget that next week we will be recording our first ever Author Talk with The Hoyden , so please send us questions you’ve always wanted to ask her — about life, the universe, writing, what her hopes and dreams are, why she hangs out with us losers — to our twitter account or email us at slashreport at gmail.com.