2×03 Video Games with Yin and Lijaka

ยท Slash Report – 203 Video Games with Lijaka and Yin
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Boys Love Games

  • Togainu no Chi on PS2
  • Gakuen Heaven
  • Ore no Shita de Agake
  • Messiah for the PS2
  • Kichiku Megane (this game is super fucked up, be careful)
  • Lucky Dog (be warned of necrophilia and water sports out of nowhere)
  • Silver Chaos on the PC (has a fan-made English patch)

Some video game art blogs:

Games on PSN (Playstation 3 digital download) that you should buy RIGHT NOW:

  • Hakuoki
  • Journey by thatgamecompany
  • Final Fantasy VI
  • Prince of Persia (it should be about 10$ and maybe say PS1 classic)
  • Little Big Planet 1 or 2 (or both!)

And last but not least

  • Glitch, the game you should get on the waiting list to play.

Lijaka, Yin, and MK discuss gaming, gaming platforms, which games are good for girls to play and aren’t just mediocre sports games, and take listener questions.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about video games but were afraid to ask until you posted it on twitter is in this episode. Or rather, we think we got everything but there’s a chance we’ve missed some things. More for next time! Whether you’re an avid gamer or you’re terrified and think all games are for men by men, listen to this episode and we’ll set the record straight.

You can visit Lijaka’s otome games blog here (Japanese games aimed at women) and Yin’s livejournal here.

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