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517 Episode 100

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We’ve somehow managed to fail upwards long enough and hard enough that this is our 100th episode of /report. Yeah, we’re shocked, too. In celebration, this week we discuss early fandom, what’s changed in the five years we’ve been doing this, and your early fannish experiences. Thank you for sticking with us for 100 episodes!


Fandom & The Internet (Fanlore)
2015: A Statistical Year in Fandom (Destination Toast)
AO3 and Kudos (halekingsourwolf)
The Fans Are All Right (Pinboard)
Why Lemon/Lime? (TV Tropes)
The Message Podcast (GE Podcast Theatre)

318 Stargate Atlantis

318 Stargate Atlantis
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Meet us in the ready room, /reporters, because we’re heading for Pegasus Galaxy because we heard there’re some super sexy catfish with evil hand vaginas hanging there and throwing BANGING parties. This week, we’re diving into the annals of your old Pinboard/Delicious tags and your dark early morning hours of binge reading AUs to hang out with Stargate Atlantis. Strap on your P90 and go wiki DADT, folks, because there’s a 90 percent chance that after you listen to this, you’re coming with us down this nostalgia spiral.

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Recs for this week: