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517 Episode 100

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We’ve somehow managed to fail upwards long enough and hard enough that this is our 100th episode of /report. Yeah, we’re shocked, too. In celebration, this week we discuss early fandom, what’s changed in the five years we’ve been doing this, and your early fannish experiences. Thank you for sticking with us for 100 episodes!


Fandom & The Internet (Fanlore)
2015: A Statistical Year in Fandom (Destination Toast)
AO3 and Kudos (halekingsourwolf)
The Fans Are All Right (Pinboard)
Why Lemon/Lime? (TV Tropes)
The Message Podcast (GE Podcast Theatre)

516 AO3 OTW

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This week we talk with the OTW’s in-house counsel, Betsy Rosenblatt about the recent OTW board situation, the AO3, International Fanworks Day, and fandom. If you had questions after the recent upset with the OTW board, we’ve (hopefully) got the answers.


How the OTW’s instant run off voting works (including the info graphics mentioned in the episode).

PSlasher was kind enough to send us this pretty extensive history of the OTW drama from this winter as well as some resources, which we’ve included below, though it has been edited for this post.

The official posts on the OTW website:

A comment at the Elections website mirror post, with a very informative breakdown of the past elections and how they have affected this election, by briar_pipe.

As was to be expected, the people are furious about it. (Tumblr tag 1, Tumblr tag 2)

You can see the staffers protesting here, including the Elections Chair, to the point that at least three of them threatened to leave the Org if the Elections Chair was “fired” for her questions.

Possible origin of the #OTWrevolution tag.  It’s where Orlando Jones expressed an interest in being on the Board.

And then this series of tweets by (Pslasher thinks) the AD&T committee co-chair: [1][2][3][4][5][6]

This Fanlore page is very informative, and the “links” section towards the bottom links to a good part of the outcry, some of which is different than the elections blog.

Here is some interesting financial information from a former Board member.