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505 Naruto

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Wow, guys, it’s another first time, because this week Pru and MK are joined by not only The Hoyden, but also by MK’s friend Paul, the first dude we’ve ever had on the podcast. We open with a quick discussion of Sailor Moon Crystal, Mythbusters, Fresh Off the Boat, and the Legend of Zelda Netflix show (confirmed after recording). For our longer discussion this week, we dip into one of the worst fandoms that all of us share: Naruto. Tune in to learn about why Naruto is the worst, how Kishimoto gave us all blue balls, and then listen to us struggle to figure out why Kakashi is so great. (Because he is. He is SO great.) It’s a dark day for fandom, so you might as well join us as we fail at everything.

Note: there is some construction noise in the background of this episode because fucking Toronto, of course there is. Sorry about that.


In Bond and Blood by The Hoyden [Kakashi/Iruka]

Remnants of Solitude by paxnirvana [Kakashi/Iruka]

Diplomatic Relations by maldoror_gw [Rock Lee/Gara]

Recommended for Admission by Pentapus  [Kakashi/Iruka]

Animal Crackers by Pentapus and Torch  [Kakashi/Iruka]

Fair Play by Pirate Burn  [Kakashi/Iruka]


Spoilers: Naruto chapters 699 and 700

Side by side animation comparison of SMC broadcast vs dvd – Kotaku