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517 Episode 100

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We’ve somehow managed to fail upwards long enough and hard enough that this is our 100th episode of /report. Yeah, we’re shocked, too. In celebration, this week we discuss early fandom, what’s changed in the five years we’ve been doing this, and your early fannish experiences. Thank you for sticking with us for 100 episodes!


Fandom & The Internet (Fanlore)
2015: A Statistical Year in Fandom (Destination Toast)
AO3 and Kudos (halekingsourwolf)
The Fans Are All Right (Pinboard)
Why Lemon/Lime? (TV Tropes)
The Message Podcast (GE Podcast Theatre)

410 Fannish History with Flourish and Merelyn

410 A Brief History of Fandom with Flourish and Merelyn
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This week we’re joined by special guest Flourish who helps Merelyn and MK explain ‘the good ol’days’ and why they were actually HORRIFYING but now fill old-school fandom with nostalgia. We’re talking Zines, APAs, Usenet, BBS, LJ, the Pit, the Great Purge, and a million other things you’ll have to look up on Fanlore afterwards. We even get Flourish to make the sound of a 14.4 dial up modem. It’s serious.

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