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514 The X-Files

We put the I, and Eff Bee Ihhh—ncoherant wailing, because this is our episode about one of the seminal shows of recent memory and modern fandom: The X-Files. Hoyden and Xenakis join Pru to talk about Mulder, Scully, how they found the series, what might have made it such a phenomenon, and how we feel about the upcoming six-episode miniseries. Chaneen also drops by for a non-spoilery quick chat about the first of the new episodes. We talk conspiracy, romance, shipping, the relative uselessness of Fox Mulder through the lens of an adult female viewpoint, and whether Skinner is getting hotter with time. (Yes.) Strap in, and for God’s sake — don’t drop your service weapon.
X-Files Files — Kumail Nanjiani’s X-Files podcast, a complete delight.
X-Files Re-Opened — Featurette on the upcoming new series